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Ulster: Time to Wake Up & Face Facts !

The law-abiding unionist people need to wake up and face the facts.

FACT 1: The UUP and DUP have shown themselves unworthy of our trust.   They say one thing before an election, and then do the exact opposite.

FACT 2: In Stormont, Westminster and other elected chambers, many unionist representatives put their own interests (and expenses?) first.  They couldn’t care less about the ordinary unionist people who voted for them.

FACT 3: If there was a referendum tomorrow and the result was 10 to 1 in our favour, the British government still wouldn’t give us what we wanted.  They are determined to ignore us and only care about the republicans.

FACT 4: Most English politicians look upon Ulster and our unionist people as an embarrassment from history that they’d rather forget.

FACT 5: The Labour Party has swamped Ulster with immigrants specifically order to damage the unionist vote.  Most immigrants support republicanism – is this just a coincidence?  As usual, the DUP and UUP refuse to speak out.

FACT 6: Republicans break the law with impunity and arrogance.  They flaunt their lawlessness openly, secure in the knowledge that they are untouchable.  The police are scared of them, and the republicans know it.

FACT 7: Republicans erect illegal ‘memorials’ to their terrorist dead on public land, without planning permission – yet get off with it.  The police and DUP ministries at Stormont (within whose remit these memorials fall) do nothing.

FACT 8: The IRA and its Army Council remains armed, active, unrepentant and in government – despite past DUP assurances that this wouldn’t happen.

FACT 9: Our parades and culture are cynically banned and stamped out by the state, then physically attacked by republicans.  This unabated, deliberate ethnic-cleaning of our people goes on whilst unionist politicians do nothing.

FACT 10: The vast majority of the nationalist, republican population showed us exactly what they really thought about us behind our backs when they silently and sinisterly voted for IRA murderers in one election after another.

How should we, as unionists, react to this disturbing situation?

Firstly, we must not give up hope.  Our enemies would love nothing more than for us to think that we were finished.  Our cause has been disillusioned, divided and betrayed from within many times, yet it has still triumphed.  Our enemies know how difficult it is to defeat unionism.  They have been attacking us, murdering us and using dirty tricks against us for centuries, yet they haven’t succeeded.  Their attempted holocaust in 1641 failed, despite massacring thousands of us.  In 1688, we were hemmed in behind the walls of Londonderry, betrayed and starving to death.   Despite that, we still won.  On many occasions throughout our history, we have been in worse situations than we are now, yet we’ve still bounced back and won.  We’ve won before, we can win again.

Secondly, we must not resort to prejudice or illegality – that is exactly what our enemies want us to do.  These things are desperate measures that are beneath us, immoral and play right into the hands of our enemies.  We are not republicans, we play by the rules.  Our cause is right and we don’t need to cheat in order to win.

The Ulster Defence League has not given up on Ulster and its people.  We still believe that Ulster isn’t finished.  If you agree with us, then please support the Ulster Defence League.  Let the unionist awakening begin.


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