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What is IRA / Sinn Fein’s Plan for Your Future?


The agents of IRA / Sinn Fein have frequently spoken about the ‘need’ to ‘South Africanise the Ulster situation’.  It is important that we take this statement seriously because IRA / Sinn Fein’s sister parties (the anti-British Marxists of Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF and Nelson Mandela’s ANC) are now ruling both Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe) and South Africa.

Those of Western European origin living in Rhodesia and South Africa are mostly descended from immigrants who sailed there from Holland in the early 1600s (i.e. around the same time as our ancestors settled Ulster in ‘The Ulster Plantation’).  However, those Africans who support ZANU-PF and the ANC believe that their ancestors were there first and therefore look upon the ethnically european people as ‘planters’.  This is similar to IRA / Sinn Fein’s view that unionists are descended from ‘planters’ who ‘stole their land’ and ‘occupied’ Ulster in the early 1600s.

ZANU-PF, the ANC and IRA / Sinn Fein have generally succeeded by following variations of a 10 step plan:

[1] Pretend to demand ‘civil rights’ through ‘peaceful protests’ which descended into violence;

[2] Engage in violence;

[3] Receive concessions;

[4] Engage in more violence

[5] Receive more concessions;

[6] Take part in secret talks;

[7] Receive more concessions,

[8] Take part in open talks;

[9] Obtain power-sharing;

[10] Then, when the time is right, they make their move and take over.

Various pretend splinter groups, ceasefires, opposition movements, decommissioning acts and ‘peace processes’ occur as part of this ten stage plan.

Unlike ZANU-PF and the ANC – IRA / Sinn Fein haven’t reached ‘Stage [10]’ yet, they are still at ‘Stage [9]’.  They intend to reach ‘Stage [10]’ by 2016.  By then (the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising), they hope to have over 50% of Ulster’s electorate casting their votes in favour of a United Ireland.  With unionism so weak, divided, disenfranchised, alienated, directionless, disillusioned and in numerical decline, and with unionist voter turnout so low, this could happen.

Now that IRA / Sinn Fein’s partners are firmly in power throughout Rhodesia and South Africa, how are they treating their old enemies?  They are taking deadly vengeance.  Old scores are being ‘settled’ by mobs of thugs.  IRA / Sinn Fein’s African friends are knocking the doors of ethnically British or Dutch people and saying something along the lines of  “400 years ago, the land your house is built on belonged to our ancestors, we are taking it back, get off our land!”  Thousands of acres of are now being ‘repossessed’ in this fashion by IRA / Sinn Fein’s friends throughout southern Africa.  Those landowners who resist are raped, tortured and then slowly murdered.  Some have petrol poured over them and they are then set alight. Be warned if you google south african farmer murders the images in the results can be very graphic and disturbing.Here is a petition for the halt of the racist genocidal killing.

Could this be what IRA / Sinn Fein means by ‘South Africanising the Ulster situation’?  Do they want a situation where unionists (of all shades!) will one day receive a knock on their door and be confronted by a crowd of republicans who promptly inform them that “your house is built on land that was taken from our ancestors, get out!”  Could it be that, when IRA/Sinn Fein says “Brits Out”, they really mean ‘ALL Brits out’ and not just a handful of English soldiers?

Wealthy middle class and upper class people who live in Ulster, are ethnically British and come from a unionist background – yet think that being a loyalist is somehow beneath them would do well to ponder this possibility.  How would business owners and the wealthy residents of places like the Malone Road, Bangor, Galgorm Rd., etc feel if this turned out to be their fate?  For too long, the well off section of the unionist population have selfishly absented themselves from the struggle to defend Ulster, thinking perhaps that their money, position, big houses, social status, yachts, golf clubs and country clubs would cocoon them against negative political developments.  If IRA / Sinn Fein take over, these well off people may find out that perhaps getting involved in loyalism wasn’t that far beneath them after all.  There have been many wealthy businessmen in Ulster who couldn’t care less what flag flew over this country, as long as they still made money.

Wealthy unionists may find that their money and large houses won’t protect them from the wrath of Marxist terrorists who see them as ‘planters’ and decide to confiscate their assets so that they can be ‘redistributed’.  Our unionist cause should have the support of our entire community – working class, middle class, upper class, clergy, aristocrats and business owners. The whole unionist community needs to wake up and realise that this struggle involves US ALL.  The best time to defend freedom is while we’ve still got it.  If our task is difficult now, just think how much harder it will be if IRA / Sinn Fein win and start ‘South Africanising’ Ulster.  We must act now in order to defeat IRA / Sinn Fein’s plans for our future.  If we don’t, they will force a ‘Socialist Irish 32 County Marxist Workers Republic’ upon us.  All unionists of every shade owe it to ourselves to mobilise now, while we still have a chance to defeat IRA / Sinn Fein.

The Ulster Defence League believes that unionists need to stand together now and end the flow of concessions to Irish republicanism – if you agree, please support the Ulster Defence League.

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