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Why We Say NO to the European Constitution !

What is the EU Constitution?

A proposed EU constitution was agreed by the EU heads of government on 18th June 2004.  It has since been de facto renamed ‘The Lisbon Treaty’.  This constitution is a further step towards turning the EU into a centralised federal style state that will have the capacity to easily override every national law, constitution and parliament within its grasp.

What Does the EU Constitution Do?

The EU constitution will help the EU accomplish the following objectives: [1] The abolition of national vetoes in almost all areas; [2] The creation of a permanent EU President and an EU Foreign Minister; [3] The possible suspension of Britain’s Permanent Membership of the UN Security Council; [4] The establishment of EU criminal justice (Corpus Juris) without juries or habeas corpus; [5] The creation of new EU new powers to harmonize employment and social policies; [6] The abolition of judicial independence – meaning that the EU’s ‘Charter of Fundamental Rights’ would be given full legal force. This would extend the power of the EU Court of Justice into virtually every area of life and make national Supreme Courts (and the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights itself) subject to the EU in all areas deemed to be ‘politically sensitive’; [7] The creation of a European Armaments Agency that will interfere in national military policy; [8] The creation of an open-ended “division of powers” meaning that, in many areas, EU member states will only be able to act if the EU has chosen not to (i.e. Britain can legislate on agriculture, fishing, justice, transport, energy, social policy and the environment only if the EU chooses not to); and [9] Article I-10 gives the constitution and EU law “primacy over the law of member states.”

The Government has admitted that the EU constitution, along with all other EU laws, will be superior to our own laws and constitution and our own law.  For the first time ever, Britain will have a single written constitution whose interpretation will be solely in the hands of the EU.  Its judgments will be superior to anything decided by our people or parliament.

It Gets Worse!

Only 27 of the 275 proposed British amendments to the constitution were accepted.  The EU constitution allows the EU to merge the intergovernmental and supranational areas of the Treaties under a single institutional structure. This means that all EU power over its member states will slowly, gradually, silently and continually expand in the background in all kinds of new areas and important ways.  It is also important to note that not a single one of the existing powers already surrendered and lost to the EU will be returned to member states in the event that the EU constitution collapses.

We Are Entitled to a Referendum: Let the People Decide

In order to come into force, the EU constitution needed to be approved by all 25 member states.  After coming under sustained pressure, our socialist Labour government decided (with great reluctance) to let the British people have a referendum on whether or not the European Constitution would be accepted by our nation.  When it became clear that the result of that referendum would be a strong ‘no’, Labour quickly went back on its promise and wouldn’t allow a referendum to take place.

However, the people of France, Holland and Ireland were allowed to have a referendum – all of them voted ‘no’ but were ignored by the EU.  Jean-Claude Juncker (Prime Minister of Luxembourg), said: “the countries that have said ‘no’ will have to ask themselves the question again.”  The people of France, Holland and Ireland were forced to vote again and again until they came out with what the EU decided was ‘the right answer’.  This is exactly what the EU did after previous referendums when Denmark rejected the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 and Ireland rejected the Nice Treaty in 2001.  After valiantly holding out for as long as possible, President Vaclav Klaus of Czechoslovakia was forced to sign the Lisbon Treaty.  Once this happened, the last obstacle fell and the EU constitution came into force.

The Ulster Defence League believes that: [1] the European Constitution is a bad deal; [2] the people are entitled to have a referendum on it; [3] they are entitled to say ‘no’ if they like; and [4] they are entitled to have their decision, as expressed in a referendum, respected and not over-ridden.  If you agree with us, please support the Ulster Defence League.

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