Posted by: 7zl1n38ksbn3 | July 11, 2010

The Eurabian Nights: Part 1

A Forgotten Hate Crime?

A young man called Najee was born into the Islamic faith. After some time, he decided to convert to Christianity. Initially he kept his new found faith a secret. He lived in fear, unconvinced by claims that true Islam was ‘a religion of peace and tolerance’. Eventually he decided to tell just one person – his wife. Within days, the local Imam was informed and Najee’s dead body was found dumped in a sleeping bag. His murderers had taped a Bible round him and fired a single shot through it.

This is a true story. Why did you not hear about it on the news? Why wasn’t it mentioned? How many people had the courage to tell Najee’s story to the outside world? Where was the international outcry that, justifiably, would have arisen had Najee been a Muslim, and his attackers Christians?

How long could it be before something like this happens to an indigenous British person on the streets of Britain who decides to turn from Islam and embrace another faith? Could such a thing ever happen in our country? If the Islamic extremists get their way, it will.

What is Eurabia?

Islamic militants want to turn the whole of Europe into a carbon copy of Saudi Arabia. If they are successful, they plan to give Europe a new name, ‘Eurabia’. The reason for this is that life in Saudi Arabia is governed by the exceedingly strict teachings of a sect of Islam known as ‘Wahabism’. Simply described, Wahabism is widely recognised as the richest and most hardline version of Islam in the world. They don’t just want to dominate Europe or simply make it ‘Muslim with a small m’ or ‘Muslim but secular’. They want a Europe that is governed by the most extreme version of Islam imaginable.

The Islamic population of Western Europe currently stands at around ‘18 million’ – this makes it our continent’s second largest religion. Whether they, or a large number of them, are ‘in the know’ or not, remains to be seen. What is clear however is that the supporters of Eurabia want to manipulate this large mass of humanity and shape it into a huge battering ram with which they can bring down European civilisation and impose their version of Islam upon an unwilling continent.

At this moment in time, Europe and Britain lie comparatively defenceless before the Eurabian onslaught. One of the major reasons for this is the fact that most of our politically correct establishment refuse to admit that the Eurabian concept is a threat, or (in some cases) that it even exists.

Needless to say, a ‘future’ of this kind (if you could even bear to call it that) is not wanted by the indigenous peoples of Europe. The forces behind Eurabia know this, but don’t really care about what we think. In their minds, democracy is wrong and westerners will be forced into submission one day – we will live like the people of Saudi Arabia, or else!

Interestingly enough, Eurabia is not wanted by many western-based moderate Muslims. We must not forget this. Moderate Muslims are only too thankful for the freedoms of the west and would balk at the thought of life in an Islamic theocracy.

As an organisation that seeks to oppose Islamic extremism, the Ulster Defence League has issued a series of leaflets on the subject entitled ‘Eurabian Nights’. Let it be clear that the Ulster Defence League are not anti Muslim, neither are we presenting an anti-Muslim thesis. We do not question the fact that there are moderate, peace-loving, law-abiding, hard-working Muslims living throughout Europe who are a credit to the nations in which they live. Just like these particular European Muslims – we are not anti-Muslim, we are merely pro-freedom and therefore anti-Eurabia.

The only future that the world of Eurabia could hope to offer European Muslims would be one in which they are enslaved, exploited and used as Islamic cannon-fodder. By saying ‘no’ to Islamic extremism and the Eurabian nightmare that it plans to impose upon us, we are not only standing up for our own future, but that of Muslims also (especially Muslim women and children). If, like us, you believe that radical Islam must be stopped, please support the Ulster Defence League.

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