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The Eurabian Nights: Part 2

What is Eurabia?

Islamic militants want to turn the whole of Europe into a carbon copy of Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, life is governed by ‘Wahabism’, the richest and most extreme version of Islam in the world. If the extremists succeed, they will rename Europe – ‘Eurabia’. Such a scenario will be a utopia for the extremists and a nightmare for the rest of us. They must be stopped.

What is Dhimmitude & Are We Living Under It Now?

The Jewish historian, Bat Ye’or, defines dhimmitude as: “behaviour dictated by fear, pacifism when aggressed, rather than resistance, servility because of cowardice and vulnerability.” Many people notice similarities between Ye’or’s definition of ‘dhimmitude’ and the conditions under which British people are forced to live today thanks to: [1] the aggressive demands of Islamists who always ‘get their way’; and, [2] the politically correct laws passed by left wing politicians in order to help Islamists close down everyone else’s freedom to openly disagree with, question or investigate them. At the whim of Islam, those who live under dhimmitude enjoy a minimal existence and are expected to be grateful for it.

Is It Alarmist to Warn About Dhimmitude & the Possibility of Eurabia?

When interviewed by Front Page Magazine, Bat Ye’or said: “Eurabia represents a geo-political reality…For Western Europe, the future is Eurabia. Period.” Any investigation into Eurabia leans very heavily indeed upon the pioneer work and research of Bat Ye’or.

British historian Martin Gilbert called Bat Ye’or “the acknowledged expert on the plight of Jews and Christians in Muslim lands…her book – which is 100% accurate – is an alarm call.” Niall Ferguson, Professor of History at Harvard University, wrote: “no writer has done more than Bat Ye’or to draw attention to…Islamic extremism. Future historians will one day regard her coinage of the term ‘Eurabia’ as prophetic.” The author Robert Spencer described her as “the pioneering scholar of dhimmitude…the institutionalized discrimination and harassment of non-Muslims under Islamic law…she has turned an area, which the Middle East studies establishment has been…afraid of or indifferent to, into a field of academic study.” Johannes Jansen, Professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at Leiden University, wrote: “Bat Ye’or offered Islamic studies a surprise…a convincing demonstration that the notion of a traditional, lenient, liberal, and tolerant Muslim treatment of the Jewish and Christian minorities is more myth than reality.”

Daniel Pipes says: ‘Bat Ye’or traced a nearly secret history…convincingly showing how the Euro-Arab Dialogue blossomed from a discussion group into the engine for the continent’s Islamisation.’ Reviewing one of Ye’or’s books, Melanie Phillips said: ‘there are…alarming signs of attempts in the West to shut down such discussions on spurious grounds of prejudice. This is…a prime example of the dhimmitude Bat Ye’or describes.” In 2006, Ayaan Hirsi predicted: “The monopoly of force that is now exclusive to states will be challenged by armed subgroups. European societies will be divided along ethnic and religious lines…education systems will not succeed in grooming the youth to believe in a shared past, let alone a shared future…European states will find themselves limiting civil liberties. Europeans will come to accept the de facto implementation of Sharia law in certain areas…The exploitation of the weak, women and children will be commonplace.”

Eurabia is not a phantom menace, made up in order to frighten gullible westerners. Experts have compiled a mountain of evidence showing that such a plan exists and is taking shape. However, the cowardly ‘collaborator politicians’ of Europe couldn’t care less if ordinary people have to live under a coming nightmare – just as long as the powerful forces behind it keep them in office (for the time being anyway….until they’ve served their purpose).

The Ulster Defence League Opposes Eurabia

As an organisation that seeks to oppose Islamic extremism, the Ulster Defence League has issued a series of leaflets on the subject entitled ‘Eurabian Nights’. Let it be clear that we are not anti-Muslim, neither are we presenting an anti-Muslim thesis. We do not question the fact that there are moderate, peace-loving, law-abiding, hard-working Muslims living throughout Europe who are a credit to the nations in which they live. Like these moderate Muslims, we are not anti-Muslim, we are pro-freedom and therefore anti-Eurabia. If, like us, you believe that radical Islam must be stopped, please support the Ulster Defence League.


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