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The Eurabian Nights: Part 3

A Brief Look at the Financial Power of Militant Islam in the UK

Saudi Arabia, and the conservative Islam that it champions, is the de facto leader of the Muslim world. Using its vast oil wealth, this powerful nation and a handful of other oil rich Muslim states almost singlehandedly fund Islamic expansionism throughout the world. Few people know anything at all about the legendary financial power wielded by this elite group. Those who bankroll militant Islam believe that Allah has given them wealth ‘for a reason’, namely to help spread Islam (see Sura 9 of the Koran). Therefore, they don’t scrimp when it comes to throwing their financial might behind what they see as ‘the work of Allah’.

It is interesting to note that, whilst speaking about the radicalisation of many mosques and Islamic organisations in the UK, Dr. Siddiqui of the Muslim Parliament of Britain was quoted as saying: “It is well documented that the Saudi Arabians have funded large sums – as much as $75 billion worldwide – in supporting this (extremist) ideology. This has financially empowered the Wahhabi (extremist) ideology”.

Iran is another devout Muslim country that funds Islamic extremism (it also supported the IRA). In addition to its woeful record on women’s rights, Iran leads the world in executing children. Since 2004, it has executed eight times more children than any other country in the world. Clarisa Bencomo, a children’s rights researcher at Human Rights Watch stated: “The Iranian government needs to stop sending children to the gallows and start living up to its international obligations by issuing clear legislation to ban the juvenile death penalty.”

The best known recent example of Islamic financial power in Britain was the infamous ‘Saudi bribes’ debacle involving BAE. The original deal, reached in 1985 by Mrs. Thatcher, doubled the price of a Tornado jet in order to cover huge commissions to members of the Saudi royal family and their retainers. A special Bank of England account was used by BAE on a double-key basis with the MOD. Investigations into corruption relating to this deal got close to the Saudi royal family. Upon which, the Saudis cracked the whip, and like good little servants, our socialist government immediately defied international anticorruption treaties and impeded the Serious Fraud Office. They also thwarted corruption investigations by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. This was all done in order to appease Saudi Arabia, an outlandishly corrupt, authoritarian, brutal dictatorship that embodies everything Labour claims to detest. In a breathtaking show of appeasement, MI5 and MI6 were strongly ‘asked’ by the Prime Minister to declare that the investigation would be damaging to British security. This they declined to do, leaking only that it might be damaging to British security if the Saudis refused security cooperation.

It is undeniable that Islamic finance exercises considerable, but largely unknown power, in the City of London. Wealthy businessmen, who care little for matters of religion, will nonetheless cower like little lambs when the Saudis crack the whip. Why? It is simple. Money talks – and if the wealth exercised by the Saudis can make or break a nation’s government, just imagine what it could do to one little businessman’s career. The financial sector is riddled with very powerful, very rich people with no scruples. They will do anything (and anyone, especially the little people like you and me) in order to get a slice of the Saudi pie. Western banks are very weak and insecure at the moment, but the market for Islamic banking is expected to grow at double the rate of conventional wholesale banking. Given the present dire financial state of Britain, we could end up with Islam exercising full power over us quite simply by dominating our financial sector.

Even the mighty Inland Revenue rolls over before Islam. For example: polygamous Muslim husbands can claim state benefits for all of their ‘wives’, even though polygamy is illegal in the UK. Labour has decided that Muslim polygamous marriages can be formally recognised by the state – provided they took place in countries where polygamy is legal. The estimated benefits bill is £10m. If polygamy is not allowed in the UK, how can Labour justify having the benefits system support it? In the UK, a Muslim can be financially rewarded for practicing polygamy, yet a non-Muslim can be prosecuted for practicing it. If other nations allow polygamy, that is their business – but the British taxpayer shouldn’t have to fund it.

If, like us, you believe that the people of this land – and not the financial power of militant Islam – should decide what happens in the UK, please support the Ulster Defence League.


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