Links Of Interest

United Defence Leagues:

The EDL / English Defence League

The SDL / Scottish Defence League

The WDL / Welsh Defence League

EDL Extra

EDl Macclesfield division

The Defence league Forum (Including our own UDL forum)

No links to facebook will be posted here as we do not suport armchair warriors and internet mouthpieces, and there has been a mass infiltration on various defence leagues facebook pages by the UAF.

History, Heritage & Culture

The British Empire

British Empire & Commonwealth Museum

Ulster Scots Agency

Andrew Roberts (Historian)

Royal Society of St. George

The EU

EU Truth (David Noakes)

The Bruges Group

The Democracy Movement

Better Off Out

Campaign for an Independent Britain

The European Foundation

UK Independence Party

IRA / SF / Irish Republicanism

FAIR: Families Acting for Innocent Relatives

Sinn Fein / IRA Attrocities

Traditional Unionist Voice

Voice for Democracy NI

David Vance Blog


Women Against Shariah

Writings from A Sinking UK

Jihad Watch

Answering Islam

Investiage Islam

Faith Freedom

Freedom Bulwark

Infidels Are Cool

The Religion of Peace

Melanie Phillips Blog

International Civil Liberties Alliance


Migration Watch UK

Enoch Powell

Socialism vs Freedom & Progress


The Freedom Association

Campaign Against Political Correctness

Conservative Monday Club

Peter Hitchens Blog

Conservative Way

Adam Smith Institute

A Politically Incorrect Viewpoint

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