Video Gallery

Ulster History, Identity & Culture

Edward Carson & the UVF

Historical / Educational Presentation on the Siege of Londonderry

The UVF, Carson & the 36th Ulster Division

The EU

Nigel Farage MEP vs EU President Herman van Rompuy

Nigel Farage MEP vs Gordon Brown

IRA / SF / Irish Republicanism

IRA / SF Exposed as Hypocrites

Fox News Pokes Fun at IRA Hunger Strikers


Apostates from Islam Face Death

Rioters Chase Cops in London….Police Run for Cover

Peaceful Islam

Fitna Part 1 (Geert Wilders movie)

Shocking Video of Mass Killings By Hamas in Gaza

Socialism vs Freedom & Progress

An Expose of Political Correctness

Daniel Hannan MEP vs Gordon Brown

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